Give Your Website a Refresh

We had a great livestream event with some local businesses last week in order to help them Give Your Website a Refresh. There were a lot of great takeaways from the presentation. Did you know that there are trillions of searches every year on Google? Every second...

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Selling in the Age of Assistance

We had a great Google Partners Connect recently. Voice search and smart devices are changing the way we get information and the way we shop. Businesses need to be prepared for this changing behavior so they can turn it into an opportunity. Find...

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Kickstart Holiday Shopping Season

Kick start your customers’ holiday shopping season by marketing your business. We discuss how to get in front of your customers and showcase what you offer using Google My Business, Google Ads, and more. Here are some key takeaways: 30% of people finish...

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EVENT: B2B Sales in the Age of Assistance

As we enter into the new "Age of Assistance", how consumers shop has drastically shifted. Join us for our upcoming Partners Connect Livestream to see how B2B buying behaviors and paths to purchase are changing as offline moments become online ones and buyers are...

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Drive a Holiday Shopping Rush for Your Business

  Holiday shopping is here. Consumers spend almost $700 BILLION across November & December 2017. Is your business ready for 2018? Get ready with WebSuited. WebSuited is teaming up with Google to help businesses leverage technology to succeed in this important...

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Small Business Summer School

We had a great time Wednesday meeting all the attendees. A lot of really great information was covered by all four presenters. This event ran a little longer than most of our seminars but only because it was packed with so much knowledge. For those that...

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2018 Small Business Summer School

The snowbirds are gone, kids are out of school and holiday season will be here before we know it. WebSuited is teaming up with Google, Constant Contact, LinkedIn and VistaPrint to help businesses leverage technology to succeed in this important time of year. Seating...

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June 2018 Google Partners Connect on Retail

Recently Google held the Google Partners Connect event for June 2018. The presentation covered the rise of voice assistants and smart devices and how it will impact retail business. They covered some good information. Some of it was ecommerce...

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