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Mobile Marketing for Your Website or App

mobile marketingThe rise of mobile has impacted the way consumers interact with businesses for websites and mobile apps.

Mobile marketing is an important strategy for most businesses.

Consumers will often interact with your site on different screens before purchasing. This holds true for offline sales.

Recent ComScore study shows that 78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases.

Mobile Marketing Website Design

Websuited offers responsive site design so your site looks great on phones, tablets and desktops.

Responsive design reducing expenses by having to manage, optimize and revise two websites as opposed to one.

Every site we design uses responsive design. We solely use WooThemes for site design in WordPress. The WooFramework is a great tool for allowing our partners to easily manage their site design and empowering businesses.

WooThemes is the premier theme provider for WordPress. Even better its designed for the most popular WordPress ecommerce software- WooCommerce. Learn more about our website design here.

Mobile Marketing App Analytics

We don’t build your mobile apps. We make the apps you have even better. Using Google Analytics for mobile marketing of your apps helps identify which audiences use your app and where your downloads come from.

Dive into your mobile app usage and find errors and where users drop-off. Find which audiences are power users of your app.

Improve your mobile app experience by removing roadblocks for users. Better monetize your app with Google Analytics.

Let us make sense of your mobile app marketing and performance. Learn more about evaluating your mobile app here.

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