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Treasure Coast Search Engine Optimization

seoSearch Engine Optimization(SEO) is the ongoing process of improving both on-site and off-site factors influencing your organic ranking and visitor behavior. The overall aim of SEO is to focus on your target audience. It’s important that your potential customer has a great experience and leads them to purchase or goal completion. It’s also important that search engine spiders understand what each page is about and how it is useful to users.

You want to be an authority to users and engines. To stay comfortably in the realm of white hat practices our strategies are based upon what is right for the user. Algorithm updates are mostly focused on providing better information to the user and avoid those who try to fool the engines. By doing what is right for the user you can minimize future problems as a result of an algorithm update.


search engine optimizationOn-Site Optimization

On-site search engine optimization is the process of improving user experience and demonstrating your authority to your potential customers.

  • Tags- Title, heading and alt tags help engines understand what your page is about.
  • Avoid falsh and java– Avoid using flash and when using accompany with text on the page. Flash and java are not indexed by engines.
  • Keywords- Use them naturally in the title, url, top of content, alt tags and as variations throughout the page. Don’t over do it. Keep it natural as that is always the aim of algorithm updates.
  • Crawlable Links– Having a good link structure helps engines better index your site

Off-site Optimization

link buildingOff-site search engine optimization is the process of improving your ogranic rank by having other sites point to you as an authority.

  • Trust- Links from spam sites are not good. Links from trusted sites are important.
  • Relevancy- If you sell shovels and you get links on sites about dollhouses there’s no real benefit. Links from relevant sites help to show you as an authority.
  • Popularity- Links from popular and important sites count more than others.
  • Social- Social networks have grown in SEO importance. Having shared, liked and viral content helps to build your link profile.

Websuited only performs long-term strategies inline with natural growth. Buying links and other spam practices result in severe penalties with real business consequences. Our search engine optimization practices are honest, transparent and designed to build your authority to both users and search engines.

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