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Gmail users are now likely to see native ads when checking their inbox. Advertisers will get to target ads to serve in Gmail to users. Create the ads under Display campaigns and choose the new Gmail ad format.

The ad has two main parts:

  • The collapsed ad that users initially see that matches the look and feel of the Gmail inbox. Users can click on this to expand it and get more details.
  • The expanded ad unit is triggered by a click on the collapsed ad. This is a full-page native ad that recreates the informational and visual richness of a landing page. After users click to expand, any subsequent clicks on your content are free, including clicks to save the ad to your inbox or forward it to others.

Marriott International_Collapsed adMarriott International_Expanded ad

Don’t freak out too badly about the popular email service.

As Gmail ads have evolved, we’ve continued to give users the ability to actively control the types of ads they see. As with other Google ads, users can manage their ad settings to remove unwanted ads from specific advertisers. They can also opt out of interest-based ads entirely.

Source: Inside AdWords: Native Gmail ads arrive in AdWords for all advertisers