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Google has upgraded the account linking and data sharing of GA and Search Console.

Today, we are introducing the ability to display Search Console metrics alongside Google Analytics metrics, in the same reports, side by side – giving you a full view of how your site shows up and performs in organic search results.

For years, users of both Search Console and Google Analytics have been able to link the two properties (instructions) and see Search Console statistics in Google Analytics, in isolation. But to gain a fuller picture of your website’s performance in organic search, it’s beneficial to see how visitors reached your site and what they did once they got there.

With this update, you’ll be able to see your Search Console metrics and your Google Analytics metrics in the same reports, in parallel. By combining data from both sources at the landing page level, we’re able to show you a full range of Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion metrics for your organic search traffic.

Now getting insights in GA will be easier to do without having to navigate to Search Console.

This change is rolling out over the next few weeks so keep checking your GA data to see when it has been made available to you.

Source: Analytics Blog: Deeper Integration of Search Console in Google Analytics