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We are happy to announce a new formal integration of our call analytics platform with Google My Business. Our partner, CallRail, is the leading provider of call analytics. We value their partnership that allows us to bring the best in technology combined with local expertise so you can gain more insights to what drives leads and sales.

CallRail integrates with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Ads Mobile Click to Call, Google Analytics, Facebook, Microsoft, WordPress, our paid advertising bidding platform and much more. CallRail can also provide call transcriptions and keyword spotting to identify customer service issues or new opportunities and trends that customers are inquiring about.

CallRail now offers a native integration with Google My Business which gives much better analytics as to the value of the calls from GMB.

Why Google My Business Call Data Matters

With the rise of zero-click search the Google My Business listing data has become just as important, if not more, as website data. GMB offers users the ability to navigate, call or visit the website of local businesses directly from Google search results and in Google Maps.

Problems with Google My Business tracking

GMB provides limited data in the GMB Insights. You get options of one week, month or quarter of data. We have expanded this in our reporting dashboards to 16 months of data covering everything from reviews to directions request to discovery searches.

The GMB call data is even more limited. It only captures calls on mobile devices that have clicked to call. Anyone that types in the number (think reading it to someone in the car or for them to call) or gets the phone number on a desktop, laptop or tablet will not be recorded as a phone call from GMB.

GMB also does not tell you key data like if the call was answered, if the call was a repeat caller or the duration of the call.

Benefits of Call Analytics in Google My Business

The big benefit of the call analytics integration is getting ‘person-level data.’ As Search Engine Land reports,

‘Person-level data’ available. Mann outlined additional benefits of using call tracking compared to relying exclusively on GMB insights:

  • Marketers can use separate numbers for GMB and organic search — the latter utilizes dynamic number insertion (or forms) on a landing page or website — providing distinct analytics
  • Marketers can obtain “person-level data” from GMB-originated phone calls, including customer name, phone numbers, recordings. They’ll also be able to determine call duration, which callers are repeats and how many times a prospect calls before converting.

Why It Matters

We are going all in to help you grow your business. By tracking all the digital channels customers contact you we can determine which channels are providing the best leads. This is especially important for businesses where calls are the primary source of leads and sales.

What Do I Have To Do?

If you are a current client with call tracking enabled you do not have to do anything. We have already completed this integration. The benefit of the direct integration is that it may be less susceptible to user edits on the Google platform.

If you want to improve your marketing by understanding your phone calls better just contact us  or call us on one of our call tracking numbers at 772-266-3226.