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Consumers are full of concerns right now. It is best to be direct in how it is affecting your business.

Ease their concerns by telling them the steps you are taking to provide a clean and healthy environment for them and your staff.

If operating hours are affected you need to post notice of this.

    1. Website – update your homepage with a notice
    2. Google My Business – update special hours for any changes to working hours.
    3. Social Media – post and pin your business updates so your audience can easily find your updates.
    4. Email – send an email blast to inform your customers of any changes or interruptions.
    5. Autoreply – enable updates in your email autoreplies

Google has assembled a guide for small businesses found here.​

If you need help with updating your customers about your business let us know. 

We will do this for you at no charge to help support your business.

Our hours and operations are not impacted and will continue to serve you.

Stay healthy and optimistic.