The AdWords team is dropping some new features as an early Christmas gift.

Setting up a video campaign should be as simple as telling us what action you want consumers to take – and today we’re announcing a way to do that right at the start of the campaign creation process. Whether your end goal is to drive sales, app downloads or to generally build your brand, you can now declare these goals right up front. Further, we’ll tailor the rest of your campaign set-up and optimization for your chosen marketing objective.

Shopping campaign option
app installs
App promotion campaign option

If you got an app you are not left out. CPA bidding is now enabled for ad install campaigns with video.

The holiday season is incredibly important for app promotion, as consumers outfit their new devices with apps. To start an app promotion campaign with video, select the new “app promotion” option to access settings specifically tailored for promoting apps. You can now use target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding, which lets you define the amount you’re willing to pay for a conversion, and then automatically sets your bids to give you as many conversions as possible at that price.

app cpa

In addition TruView and YouTube Shopping campaigns are now available in AdWords.

TrueView for Shopping campaigns create interactive video ads that highlight the value of your products and drive consideration. These TrueView video ads have actionable shopping cards embedded in them which provide an easy bridge to purchase for viewers. They are also a powerful audience solution, enabling you to remarket to viewers who may have visited your site or viewed your other videos.

TrueView for shopping

Shopping ads on YouTube work even lower in the funnel, by enabling shopping cards on creator videos that feature your products. This is a great way to capture demand when viewers are most interested in exploring and researching products. These also allow you to extend the reach of your Shopping campaigns beyondwww.google.com.

shopping 2


To extend your Shopping ads to YouTube, make sure your Shopping campaigns in AdWords are opted into search partners.

Source: Inside AdWords: Drive sales and app downloads with video this holiday season